Oscar Special: Sukhwinder gets ready for oscars

Oscar Sp: Sukhwinder Singh gets ready for the Oscars

Sukhwinder Singh provided the powerful vocals on A R Rahman's Oscar nominated Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire. And while Rahman is enjoying accolades from all over the world, the playback singer says he knew this was bound to happen. 

"For the past seven to eight years I have been telling him that all the stuff that he is doing is meant for the international market. But he would just give me a smile and say let's get back to work," says Sukhwinder, "And now when Jai Ho got the response it did, I called him up and said 'I told you so!'"

So what is being planned for the big night in Los Angeles?

"Well I am not sure right now," laughs Singh, "I am going to Rahman's home tomorrow and hopefully we will have a better idea then. He does have a lot of rehearsals planned for us. But let's see what happens."

Speaking about the popularity that Jai ho is currently enjoying, Sukhwinder Singh says, "When we recorded Jai Ho, it was done n half an hour. I then told him that I wanted to record it again so he said 'ok sure'. And so we re-recorded it again. And then I told him I wanted to record it for the third time and he just laughed and said 'Shut up! You are full of masti'. But it's just that I wanted to keep on singing it because I just knew that this song had that something in it. I can't define it but it just had that something in it."

Singh says that the secret to his and Rahman's success is very simple.

"You know masti mein hasti hoti hain, hasti mein masti nahin hoti! If someone thinks they are better than anyone, then they aren't creative but arrogant. As far as I am concerned I like the atmosphere to be light and fun. We have so much masti together. When we are in the studio we don't chat about cars, money or house. We have other simple fun.. pulling each other's leg, cracking jokes. And others in the studio think that we aren't working. But you know what in 30 minutes are song is done and everything is ready!" says Sukhwinder with a smile. 

He says Rahman has managed to achieve all this success and acclaim is because he has kept things very simple in his life. 

"He loves experimenting with his music. He is always ready to serve something new to his listeners. But even in that experimentation he keeps everything very simple. He doesn't believe in complicating his work. And that has ensured that he has been successful in everything that he does," explains Sukhwinder.

The playback singer is currently enjoying fame and fortune in Hollywood himself. Having sung Chhaiya Chhaiya for Inside Man and Steven Spielberg's next, we ask him whether he finds things different in the West.
"Everything is the same. There is no difference and the reason for that is because talent in any part of the world is talent. When you have fun with your talent and thoroughly enjoy what you do, then success is yours. But if you are laid back, lethargic or arrogant about your talent, then success will never be yours. So whether it's India or the West as long as you are talented, everything is the same."

Rahman is very humble about what he has achieved in life and continues to remain very grounded. But Sukhwinder says to him Rahman is the ever romantic.

"If you see me I love having fun and will talk about anything with everyone. I love flirting… watching cartoons but Rahman is not like that. He is very quiet. In fact nowadays when I tease him that 'you must be sleeping in a tuxedo because you are at every award ceremony' he just laughs like a child and says 'okay..let's get back to work' or 'tell me Sukhie when are you coming for the recording!' But I think he has a lot of love and intensity in him. He is very romantic. Not many know this. He pours all his romance in his work. And the world is seeing the result of that!"