Tu meri dosth-Song review

This is the most wonderful song I have heard in recent times. The lyrics is helping build a beautiful environment where already the singers strike a smooth chord, and music never comes in extra. This song will surely rule the charts in coming months.
Personally this song has been ruling my hearts ever since I heard it for the first time. A.R.Rahman strikes his fans with no surprise as far as this song is considered. It is a very smooth melodious song which he is very famous for. People of his talent are rare. Music lovers often compare him with other music directors but sad to say, none of the present age music directors can ever come close to the talent this man has. It is not my personal opinion, but records also speak in favour of him.
From the music director to the music again, it deserves that such a song is not lost in negative publicity. I had to mention bearing in mind the cast of the film. With a hero who carrier a great negative publicity, many will not prefer to see or hear the song. It is not evident why Subhash Ghai has such a cast.
One more thing which comes to mind with Rahman's music signed albums are the lack of advertising of the albums. Hope this does not fall in that unfortunate category. A good example of an album in this category in recent times will be ADA. (Have you heard of it?)
Pardon me for not speaking about the song but all other things, but there is nothing left to say anything wrong about the song. It will be such an inspirational song for generations to come.

My rating for the song for those love to rate: 5/5.