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Aiswarya the highest paid actress

Aishwarya Rai has become the highest paid actress in Indian Cinema with her being paid 40 Million rupees for being Rajnikant’s leading lady in Shankar’s “Robot”. The brand name of Rai and Bachchan and a series of hits Guru, Dhoom 2 and Jodhaa Akbar have worked in favour of the actress.

This bollywood beauty has promised priority dates to Shankar when Robot finally starts rolling in May/June. Superstar Rajinikanth is expected to finish his shooting for Kuselan by then and will be starting on Robot. The movie will have a pooja sometime in April.

Robot directed by Shankar will have Superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead roles. More big names like
A.R Rahman and Sabu Cyril are also associated with the movie. Soundarya Rajinikanth will handle graphics for the movie. With its more than 100 crore budget Robot promises to be a never seen before Sci-Fi thriller for the Tamil audience.


A prescription from our boss

Sufism and Scottish pipes are AR Rahman’s musical recipe for his students

If you have heard the score of Jodhaa Akbar at the dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer, you will know why AR Rahman has named his new music institute, KM Music Conservatory. It has been named after the great mystic.

The institution is not intended to cater to the needs of the film industry, though this may be its first objective. The conservatory is also expected to add a new dimension to popular Indian music.

The composer wants this music to acquire a global dimension with the help of a host of world-renowned mentors he has lined up to teach in his school with a difference. Also a devotee of the Sufi saint of Nagore, Kandoori Meeran Baba, Rahman is hoping to weave the magic of mysticism and music not only for his Indian following but also for his worldwide fans.

“We are a nation of more than one billion people. India is great in cricket, in IT (information technology), but what is our world standing in music?” he asked.

India, he noted ruefully, accounted for just 0.6 per cent of the world’s popular music sales.

India’s music industry is worth Rs 7 billion and has suffered losses of up to Rs.20 billion over the past five years. 
Rahman asked, “We are a great musical nation, but do we look at music as a profession?” Unveiling the plans for the conservatory, he answered his own question, “No, not yet.”

Article Courtesy: DNAINDIA

Forerunner to a world university?

'If music be the food of love, play on', said the bard. The music wizard of India A R Rahman has decided to play on. This music Director and Composer is taking a new role, that of a Founder and Principal of a Music Conservatory, KM. He declines to clarify as to what these two alphabets stood for. He simply says this close to his heart. For him music is the passion flowing endlessly from his heart.

India has been, from time immemorial, the nurturing home of music. However, we are inward looking. The time has now come for us to open up. Already, Musicians like Dr L Subramaniam have been deeply involved in fusion music an amalgam of Indian and Western music. A new form of music is already evolving in the world arena.

It is a pity that we don't have a symphony orchestra at home. Rehmans and Ilayarajas are compelled to go abroad to create orchestras of high quality. When the world is shrinking and music is becoming more and more universal in its appeal across cultures, in its language, in melody, in harmony, in rhythm, we have to boost the level of musical proficiency which the emerging wider culture demands.

Let's hope that A R Rahman's KM Music conservatory will substantially contribute to this end and who knows it might be a percusser toa World University. Let's wait to listen to that new melody. After all, Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter.

Robot's Puja on April 14th

The pooja of the mega movie 'Robot' by the mega combination Shankar and the Superstar Rajnikanth will be held around April 14 and the movie will go to the floors by the month of May. The photo-shoot was held last month at AVM Studio. The music director A.R. Rahman too will start his work for the movie soon.

Though the unexpected demise of writer Sujatha, who was working with 'Robot' team, had shocked the entire team, the film will soon be kick started. Since Sujatha is one of the few Tamil writers, who are well versed in scientific matters, it would be a challenging task for the director to find a suitable person to write the dialogues for the science fiction movie.

It is expected that Rajini would finish his portions in 'Kuselan' before 'Robot' goes to the floors by May.

Article courtesy: IndiaGlitz

Rahman composes airport song for Hyderabad

The new airport in Hyderabad at Shamshabad will have a song of its own, like most corporate companies do these days.

So, GMR has roped in the likes of AR Rahman and Prasoon Joshi to do the honours. While Prasoon has penned the lyrics, Rahman's tunes will welcome the guests from March 16 onwards.

Rahman is also said to have been approached for the next Mahesh's film. So, let's see what more interesting surprises Rahman will come up for his Telugu fans.

Article courtesy:IndiaGlitz

Hindi Ghajini sold universally for 93 Crores

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan looks more elated with the success of
previous venture Taare Zameen Par. Apart from hitting bull's eyes in
box-office, the film won accolades among the critics. Small and smart
chap Darsheel walked around with Best Critics Actor Award and Aamir
Khan with best director award.
Of course, these aren't just the reasons that have spotted him in
cherished moods and sources close to him have revealed that he is more
elated with his forthcoming flick Ghajini - a Tamil remake. With the
film slated to release after couple of months, it has been sold
universally for Rs. 93 Crore.

Director Murugadoss and <b>Music Director A.R. Rahman</b> are more excited about the movie's release.

News about ARRahman

Rahman likely to be roped in for 'Puli'
IndiaGlitz - Oakland,CA,USA
It is being firmly believed by sources in the industry that AR Rahman could be composing the music for this film, given his recent hits in Bollywood.


Songs Sung By ARRahman
By Meenakshi(Meenakshi)
ARRahman is a versatile Genius of Music. No one can question his authority in Music. As a director he gives us scintillating musical scores and as a singer he adds fragrance to his compositions. It is very interested to have a ...
Knowledge Today -


AR Rahman rules Kollywood
By admin
always come up with magic and does the same for his previous flick ATM (Azhagiya Tamil Magan) too. Though the movie did not go well, the songs were block-busters and still happening to top the audio charts. ... - One Stop Cinema Portal -


Mani and Vikram

Vikram has told several times that it is one of his dreams to act in ace director Mani Rathnam's film. Now the dream has come true. It is learnt from reliable sources that Madras Talkies has roped in the talented actor for a film

The exciting combination of Mani - Vikram, however, will not take place in the near future. We have to wait for at least one and half years to see them coming together. Mani Rathnam is now busy shaping up the script of his Hindi movie featuring Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai in the lead while Vikram is busy with 'Kanthaswamy'. He will have to finish two projects with K.S. Ravikumar and Ameer before coming to the movie made by Mani Rathnam.

Come 2009, we will see the outstanding director and an amazing actor joining hands. It is needless to say that the wait is worth it.
Hopefully we must have A R Rahman our Boss giving music for the film.

Do you remember Piya Haji Ali

* FIZA - Anu Malik and A.R. Rahman/Warner Music Malaysia Sdn Bhd: Our A.R. Rahman wrote only one number for this soundtrack, yet he outshines composer Anu Malik, who wrote seven tunes.

Rahman stamps his mark with the folk-pop Piya Haji Ali, a song with religious lyrics. This haunting melody displays the chemistry between singers Kadar Ghulam Mustafa, Murtaza Ghulam Mustafa, Srinivas and Rahman.

Anu Malik proves he can compose original numbers instead of recycling ...

What are your comments about the song?

Years back this happened #2

<b>A R Rahman joins hands with Michael Jackson</b>

He's the king of pop and has worked with some all-time music greats over the years, including britney spears, who will duet with michael jackson on the track the way you make me feel , for his 30th anniversary concert. now, however, it's the whacko jacko's turn to work with our very own, dil se man. yup, you read right, michael jackson has worked on a single with lagaan's a r rahman. titled, ekam satyam, the song is a duet sung by the maestros and is composed by rahman. the track is part sanskrit and part english. the sanskrit portions have been rendered by rahman and the english ones obviously by mj. the english lyrics, however, have been penned by kanika myer bharat and the sanskrit lyrics by a r parthasarathy. initially the song was penned specifically for the 'mj and friends concert' held in munich in june 1999. but since it gained some popularity among mj fans in the west, it appears that the song will be released as a single, sometime towards the end of 2001.

Jackson considered including it on his forthcoming album, invincible, but changed his mind at the last minute for reasons best known to himself. jackson, who will turn 43 on august 29, is hoping that fans will ignore the lurid headlines of the last decade and flock to buy his new album and all kinds of things imprinted with his name and image. but some in the licensing and music industries think it will be a struggle for michael to regain the lustre that had him towering over teen stardom in the '80s. in the short-lived world of pop, you are either hot or not, and insiders say backing jackson to make a big us chart comeback is a gamble, though the payoff could be worth megabucks. the songs for mj's album, invincible, have not yet been finalised. so after alka yagnik shot to fame with chamma chamma in moulin rouge, don't be overly surprised to see rahman on michael's latest album, invincible.

Years back this happened #1

Not Madonna, not Britney, Rahman's NO1
31 Jul 2002, 2225 hrs IST

Allah Rakha Rahman can take a bow. And, as incredulous as it may sound, Madonna and Britney Spears can bow out as the current top album-sellers.

It is now out that AR Rahman sells more albums than Madonna and Britney Spears put together. According to the UK paper The News Of The World, Rahman is said to have sold a mind-boggling 200 million albums worldwide. That's still 50 million more than Madonna (cited at 130 million) and Spears (20 million) collectively. It was Andrew Lloyd Webber who put it in words first: ''Rahman is probably the highest selling musician in the world at the moment, if you were to go by airplay and album sales alone.
But the fact remains that every album sold in the US or in the UK is officially registered as a sale and adds to the numbers which end up as the 'official' figures to chart the progress of an album or single. But although Indian albums notch up significant sales and are brought here by relatives and friends, there is no proper mechanism in place to log those sales.''

Despite such voluminous sales, why is Rahman not on, say, the Billboard list? Bias? ''Perhaps,'' hints Webber, ''there could be reservations among the managers of these lists about featuring someone unknown to the West.'' That, for AR Rahman, is a jarring note.

News courtesy:

Jodha Akbar Songs Poll Closed

How do you like Jodha Akbar's Songs?

This is how you have responded.


78% said it was Awesome

14% said it was Brilliant

5% said it was okay

0% (1) said it was Not Good

1% (2) said they have not heard



The least ones being naturally Not Good and I have not heard.



Now the market has also its verdict on the audio of Jodha Akbar.



Film Music Sales 2008-updated  1st Mar 2008



Units Sold





Jodhaa Akbar



U Me Aur Hum



Film Music Sales Regional Leaders-Feb 2008








Jodhaa Akbar

Jodhaa Akbar


U Me Aur Hum

U Me Aur Hum


Jab We Met

Taare Zameen Par


Taare Zameen Par

Om Shanti Om





Jodhaa Akbar

Jodhaa Akbar





Taare Zameen Par

Taare Zameen Par


Om Shanti Om

U Me Aur Hum


U Me Aur Hum

Jab We Met




What I feel is that Jodha Akbar was not properly campaigned in the media. This helped the other films to gain an advantage against the Brilliant Jodha Akbar's music.

We need to change this trend. If the persons who are making the films with music by our Boss, and they ignore what the music can get the initial break, we the ARRahman Fans can make a difference.

We will have to initiate broad-spread campaigns to make our Boss's deserving music on top of charts.


Lights, camera and some action!

Today, however, film folks host and judge quiz, reality and celebrity talk shows, own cricket teams, and go on world tours. And while filmmakers try their hand at acting, actors are getting behind the camera.

They are jacks of all trades as well as masters of their own. Says actor Chaya Singh, who is currently judging a reality dance show, "I said yes to the channel because it was a 26-episode show. I only needed to shoot a couple of days every week for 13 weeks." She says that these 'alternative careers' work when you don't have any great film offers in hand or while you wait for a project to start. "It's a good opportunity to interact with the public minus the star tag. Besides, TV has become very popular. It has a greater reach now. It's good exposure," she adds.

So, while Shah Rukh Khan and Priety Zinta own IPL teams, SRK is hosting another quiz show. Ishaa Koppikar and Malaika Arora Khan were part of a celebrity dance show. Musicians like Javed Akhtar and AR Rahman and directors like Mahesh Bhatt and Kunal Kohli were part of a reality show as well. Director Karan Johar hosted a talk show, which was redone with a local flavour with actor-turned-director Ramesh Aravind as anchor. There's also a new show to pick young filmmakers for Hollywood that Anurag Basu and Rajat Kapoor are judging.

Read the full story at:

Jet Airways launches media blitz in UK

LONDON: Walking around London, you are bound to come upon a billboard welcoming you to a 'new world of privacy' aboard Jet Airways flights to India.

The Indian airline that has been flying to the UK for around three years has decided it is time to launch a media blitz to crack the British market and give Air India a run for its money.

"We have been flying here for the last three years but we realise that there is little public awareness of Jet. We thought it is time to change that," Raja Segran, Regional Vice President UK, Europe and the Americas told DNA.

"NRIs who go to India know of Jet because of our domestic flights, but there are many who don't realise that we have a large international network too," added Segran.

To rectify this Jet has spent just under a half a million pounds on an advertising campaign taking in billboards and slots in national newspapers. Jet also announced their sponsorship of the CD of the hit West End show 'Lord of the Rings'.

Paying Rs 15 million for the cast recording of the show that has music written by AR Rahman, this is the first time that an Indian airline has sponsored a British musical.

The partnership between the production and airline means that travellers to the UK on Jet are entitled to a free single price category upgrade for the show on presenting their boarding card. Also they can enjoy the music from the show on the flight and buy discounted merchandise of 'Lord of the Rings'.

Most Britons when they think of flying to India, Air India and British Airways are the airlines that first come to mind, but Segran believes it is because they are not aware of Jet. "Our hospitality is better than the best and now we offer private suites to our first class passengers which are incomparable," said Segran.

Jet flies four daily flights direct to India out of Heathrow — two to Mumbai and one each to Delhi and Amritsar. Being the only private Indian airline to offer flights to UK, Jet is in a special position to take on the national flier Air India.

Read the full news at:

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