M.K.Arjunan on Golden Globe award winning A.R.Rahman

A Childhood spent in hardwork with Keyboard. 

Famous Malayalam cine music director M.K.Arjunan on Golden Globe award winner A.R.Rahman

A.R.Rahman knows music by its pulse. It is for his hardwork that this youngman has received this award. I know Rahman possesses superhuman skills which others in the industry hardly gets.

Right from childhood 'Dileep' did not show much attention to school education. He was always with the keyboard. He spend sleepless nights with the keyboard. When he is composing songs he won't stop until he gets the sound he has in mind.

I do not disagree with the new technologies he is using for composing music. Everyone has their own taste. One can change by time. It is not wrong in changing oneself to influence music in that way.

Rahman has no one to credit in his growth, but his hardwork. I do not know of he going behind anyone for recomendations of any kind. He does what he thinks fit.

Dileep became Rahman in 1992 while 'Roja' was released. Changing ones own faith is their right, and if it is after understanding pros and cons it is perfectly okay.

I came to this industry through 'Karutha Pournami' in 1968. Rahman's father R.K.Shekar was a pioneer at that time. He was Numero Uno with Devarajan, Dakshinamurthy, K.Raghavan. Even for Salil Chowdary R.K.Shekar would be the assistant.

Devarajan Master had introduced me to R.K.Shekar. From then on we were like brothers. It could be because of this intimacy, that Rahman treats me like a Guru. I have not taught Rahman music of any sort. Even though he considers me as a Guru. I do not know why.

I am very glad to see this growth of Rahman. And I am proud for him to have got such a great award. I hope more and more great awards are waiting for him and I wish him best.

This interview appeared on Malayalam Daily Malayala Manorama. Translated in English for sharing with Rahmaniacs.