Buy Lord of the Rings - Original London Cast Recording with Bonus DVD

Lord of the Rings - Original London Cast Recording with Bonus DVD

A. R. Rahman (Composer),
Varttina (Composer),
Christopher Nightingale (Composer),
Shaun McKenna (Composer),
Matthew Warchus (Composer),
Original London Cast (Performer)

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Customer reviews from Amazon
When I saw that the cast album came with a bonus DVD, I naturally made the assumption that there would be some VIDEO of the show on the disc. All that is on the DVD is a reprint of the audio disc with montages of STILLS - many of them black and white, and WAY too many of them backstage and rehearsal shots. I would've loved to have seen some actual video of the production!! I'm giving it 3 stars because I actually enjoy a great deal of the score (though it sounds more like a movie soundtrack than a musical theatre piece).

Seriously, though?! I cried. I cried because it was SO flipping beautiful. The music with the set constantly changing and the costumes and the actors taking on such a monolith, all the while this GORGEOUS music is swirling around you lifting your emotional response to what you are watching to a new height.... it seriously BLEW. ME. AWAY. Better than any new musical here in America, and I live in NYC so don't right me off thinking I've only seen one Broadway musical or something. Holy BeJESUS it is SO good.

The product is beautifully packaged with both a CD of the musical score itself and a DVD that highlights the exact same musical score with photo stills of various scenes from the Musical and also behind the stage scenes. To be clear there is not actually any video of the performance and the CD/DVD do not include the dialog that was spoken. They still want you to go see them live after all. Hopefully they come to Broadway at some point so the American yanks can see them and not have to cross the pond. All in all it's a beautiful score of music and song that certainly adds a unique dimension to the works of Tolkein.

Slumdog Millionaire is ready for India

IndiaGlitz [Monday, January 19, 2009]

'Slumdog Millionaire' releases in India with more than 200 prints across the country (in both Hindi and English) on 23 January. Trade insiders say that the Hindi version of the film, titled 'Slumdog Crorepathi', will have a wider release and penetrate into the non-metro areas as well.

The film has been dubbed in Hindi by its original cast. Director Danny Boyle, Twentieth Century Fox co-chairman Jim Giannopoulos and lead actor Dev Patel, along with the other members of the cast, will attend the premiere on January 22. The cast and the crew will be coming toIndia two days before the premiere and will be visiting Mumbai and Delhi. They will also be attending a charity dinner apart from a busy media itinerary.