Jet Airways launches media blitz in UK

LONDON: Walking around London, you are bound to come upon a billboard welcoming you to a 'new world of privacy' aboard Jet Airways flights to India.

The Indian airline that has been flying to the UK for around three years has decided it is time to launch a media blitz to crack the British market and give Air India a run for its money.

"We have been flying here for the last three years but we realise that there is little public awareness of Jet. We thought it is time to change that," Raja Segran, Regional Vice President UK, Europe and the Americas told DNA.

"NRIs who go to India know of Jet because of our domestic flights, but there are many who don't realise that we have a large international network too," added Segran.

To rectify this Jet has spent just under a half a million pounds on an advertising campaign taking in billboards and slots in national newspapers. Jet also announced their sponsorship of the CD of the hit West End show 'Lord of the Rings'.

Paying Rs 15 million for the cast recording of the show that has music written by AR Rahman, this is the first time that an Indian airline has sponsored a British musical.

The partnership between the production and airline means that travellers to the UK on Jet are entitled to a free single price category upgrade for the show on presenting their boarding card. Also they can enjoy the music from the show on the flight and buy discounted merchandise of 'Lord of the Rings'.

Most Britons when they think of flying to India, Air India and British Airways are the airlines that first come to mind, but Segran believes it is because they are not aware of Jet. "Our hospitality is better than the best and now we offer private suites to our first class passengers which are incomparable," said Segran.

Jet flies four daily flights direct to India out of Heathrow — two to Mumbai and one each to Delhi and Amritsar. Being the only private Indian airline to offer flights to UK, Jet is in a special position to take on the national flier Air India.

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