Rahman’s Exclusive Interview to Indiaglitz

IndiaGlitz [Friday, January 16, 2009]

‘Many a mile to go….winning the Golden Globe is most certainly not the end of my dream’ said A. R. Rahman, the tremendous Indian sensation who has rocked the world with mind-blowing original musical compositions for the film ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

In an exclusive interview to Indiaglitz after winning the coveted Golden Globe, the music wizard speaks about what his mindset was before and after his name was announced as the winner. ‘I wanted to win this for India’ declared Rahman who was visibly happy at the recognition.

Rahman has a wish ….

“I hope all violence in India and all parts of the world is avoided. It is foolish to kill another human being. If you kill an innocent human being, you have killed the whole of humanity. That is what the Prophet has said and I believe so much in that. Hope people come to their senses”.

A. R. Rahman had a look at the thousands of wishes sent to him by his fans through Indiaglitz and was moved with gratitude.

‘It is really gratifying to see all this….your unconditional love for me’ he said.

Will Rahman continue to rock the world and make India proud? Is the West taking note of Rahman’s incredible talent? We got an insight into all of these when Rahman talked about winning all the three awards in Los Angeles.

“When we went to LA, our team’s idea was to win all three awards there (two Critics’ Awards & the Golden Globe). Happy to have won all three. When I won the first award, they didn’t even want me in the photographs. When I won the second award, they wanted me in the group. After the Golden Globe they wanted to have individual snaps of me. I guess the western press also got introduced to me stage by stage”.

Sit back and enjoy A. R. Rahman’s exclusive interview to Indiaglitz after winning the Golden Globe for Best Original Music….