AR Rahman bringing yet another big change to music industry

It is AR Rahman, who has started this. He is well aware of what he is doing. The change that he is bringing out will revolutionize the music industry in India as it vouches for deserving pay for artists and less to music labels.
He already had been the inspiration for the big change that hit music industry almost two decades ago (16 to be precise). He changed the way the music was used in almost all Indian languages. He changed the way the background score was noticed post-Roja. The Indian music industry was upside down after the release of Roja.
He now stands out in the list of best-selling artists in the world. Infact he is the only one from India who have made upto the chart. To see the list click here.
Now it is the second time, almost alone he is struggling to make lives of artists more meaningfull. He had earlier turned down the music for Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om for not getting music rights. The music label wants to swallow all the revenue they earn. It is entirely different from the west were the artists are paid for their worth by means of royalties. Rahman acknowledges that he is getting his share of rights in 90% of projects he is working with.
AR Rahman is heading the one man army against such atrocities. He is ensuring that every artist participating, is getting his share of worth in it. He is a real genius, and he is a real phenomenon happening to Indian (also international) music.
The Indian music labels are feared of such a change. They are now harvesting money in crores (10 millions), out of which they have to give a good portion to artists as royalty. But nobody can deny future, in which every single artist will be getting his worth through royalties. It is long proverb that where art stays money doesn't. But here  is a man who is defying such a proverb.
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Ada - A way of life
The maestro is back in the news after mesmerizing with his last outing Jodhaa Akbar. After delivering the music for one of the most grand and majestic films Hindi cinema has seen, A.R. Rahman's next outing is in the form of a more modest venture. Debut director Tanvir Ahmad's Ada with the tag-line "A way of life" will release later this year.

In fact, the film has been on the floors for about six years and earlier boasted of a cast including Amitabh Bachchan. Now, the film has been re-vamped with newcomers and should be completed by next month. It stars Rahul Roy, Nauheed Cyrusi and Ayesha Jhulka in pivotal roles.

Of the music, Rahman tells CNN-IBN, "The music of the film actually took six years to make because the film started six years back in 2002. The music has a very old school melody feel. But it also has other tunes so it does have a colour of different genres in it."

Since the making of the music has spanned over six years, audiences can expect a large range of tunes coming their way! In addition to Ada, A.R. Rahman has Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Ghajini and Yuvraaj slated for release this year.

The Audio Release of Ada is on May 13th 2008.