New University lists Dil Se as a must in your collection

And the reason... our one and only A R Rahman

Bollywood is known internationally and more specifically in the United States for making movies with lavish song-and-dance numbers. Many audiences around the world turn to Bollywood for its escapist plot lines. Although this list contains some majestic song-and-dance movies, there are also some thoughtful and insightful surprises. The prominence of Shah Rukh Khan should be of no shock to readers who know him, since most of India and fans in other countries around the world are obsessed with him. And this columnist is no exception. In no particular order:

1) "Dil Se (With the Heart)": There is one reason you should watch this movieA.R. Rahman. Rahman is a music director who changed the face of music in Bollywood movies. Mani Ratnam, the director of the film, uses his music to not only tell the story of a female terrorist and a male journalist looking for the truth, but to also highlight the different stages of their relationship—attraction, infatuation, love, reverence, worship, obsession and death. The dream pairing of Ratnam and Rahman has produced films that cater to all of your senses, and this one is no exception.


Other movies are:

"Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Something Special Happens)"


"Mr. and Mrs. Iyer"

"Dhoom 1 and 2"

"Omkara (Othello)"

These six films represent the broad spectrum of Bollywood films out there, just as there is a diversity of cultural and religious groups in India. All of these films are available on DVD online and in your nearest Indian video store.

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