Aiswarya the highest paid actress

Aishwarya Rai has become the highest paid actress in Indian Cinema with her being paid 40 Million rupees for being Rajnikant’s leading lady in Shankar’s “Robot”. The brand name of Rai and Bachchan and a series of hits Guru, Dhoom 2 and Jodhaa Akbar have worked in favour of the actress.

This bollywood beauty has promised priority dates to Shankar when Robot finally starts rolling in May/June. Superstar Rajinikanth is expected to finish his shooting for Kuselan by then and will be starting on Robot. The movie will have a pooja sometime in April.

Robot directed by Shankar will have Superstar Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead roles. More big names like
A.R Rahman and Sabu Cyril are also associated with the movie. Soundarya Rajinikanth will handle graphics for the movie. With its more than 100 crore budget Robot promises to be a never seen before Sci-Fi thriller for the Tamil audience.


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Sufism and Scottish pipes are AR Rahman’s musical recipe for his students

If you have heard the score of Jodhaa Akbar at the dargah of Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti in Ajmer, you will know why AR Rahman has named his new music institute, KM Music Conservatory. It has been named after the great mystic.

The institution is not intended to cater to the needs of the film industry, though this may be its first objective. The conservatory is also expected to add a new dimension to popular Indian music.

The composer wants this music to acquire a global dimension with the help of a host of world-renowned mentors he has lined up to teach in his school with a difference. Also a devotee of the Sufi saint of Nagore, Kandoori Meeran Baba, Rahman is hoping to weave the magic of mysticism and music not only for his Indian following but also for his worldwide fans.

“We are a nation of more than one billion people. India is great in cricket, in IT (information technology), but what is our world standing in music?” he asked.

India, he noted ruefully, accounted for just 0.6 per cent of the world’s popular music sales.

India’s music industry is worth Rs 7 billion and has suffered losses of up to Rs.20 billion over the past five years. 
Rahman asked, “We are a great musical nation, but do we look at music as a profession?” Unveiling the plans for the conservatory, he answered his own question, “No, not yet.”

Article Courtesy: DNAINDIA